Hi, I’m Karen Glover, a board-certified family physician and registered dietitian at LifeBalance Integrative Health & Wellness in Palmdale, California.

I understand how the mind and body work together so I take a whole-person, holistic approach to give patients other options in addition to pharmaceutical medications and harsh therapies. Patient opinions are front and center when creating treatment plans.

Because I believe in patient-centered care, I partner with you, guided by your needs and goals for your best health. I incorporate nutrition education into medical assessments and treatment goals. I also can use a variety of other treatment methods including herbal medications, supplements, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle approaches to prevent and help resolve chronic symptoms and systemic dysfunctions.

My expertise is grounded in 20 years of direct patient care experience and over 25 years of experience as a credentialed dietitian nutritionist.

I enjoy delving into the fundamentals of physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition to bring you the latest advances in Integrative and Functional medicine. I believe in sustainability and preserving our environment . I strive to be a steward of the Earth and work towards harmony and balance among Mankind.