Bet you didn’t know that diet, nutrients, and gene expression were related. Nutritional genomics, also known as Nutrigenomics, deals with the study of how nutrition has an impact on genes in relation to the prevention or treatment of diseases. When you know how certain nutrients interact with your genes to alter cell functions or influence your metabolism you can modify your food choices to prevent diet-related deficiencies or illnesses.

Our Gene Dive 12-week program can help to improve the quality of your life by exploring, through testing, what nutrients you need to help your cells function, or what processes are not optimal because you may be deficient or over abundant in a nutrient. You can then avoid or consume nutrients that go right with your genetic makeup.

Discover how to boost your health and decrease your disease risk with the Gene Dive Program. We Discover , through health evaluation and testing, the specific gene changes and nutrient impacts that can put you at risk for chronic diseases. Then we build your personal plan to Repair the deficiencies and excesses that are affecting your genes. What you learn will Sustain you by building your resilience and supporting mind, body, and spirit.