I am just like everyone else.

Working mom with a million things to do.  Sometimes I may not choose the best foods or slack in being physically active. I do know how important it is, though, to take care of yourself. 

I know that taking the time to care for yourself seems challenging. I mean really care for your “self”.  How many times have you ignored a pain, forgot to eat, struggled through fatigue? Once? Or dozens of times?

I am encouraging you to “check-in” with yourself- start paying attention to those nagging, mystery symptoms that you were going to get checked out but just didn’t have the time. 

Below are some quick tools to get you tuned in. You are precious.  Your family thinks so.  I am here to help you keep up the good work. 
These are quick (5 minutes or less) presents that you can give yourself daily.

Relaxation /Breathing Apps

iBreathe (Apple)

4-7-8 Relax Breathing (Android)

Mood App

Mood Meter

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