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LifeBalance is not ordinary medical care.  We help you DISCOVER the underlying causes of your chronic and unresolved health issues; REPAIR the imbalances and deficiencies with individualized treatment plans that are designed uniquely for you; support you to SUSTAIN the wellness you attain.

Aging Gracefully

You always prided yourself on a youthful appearance as well as youthful energy. But sometimes you need a "tune up" when you notice health changes and slow-downs.

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Aging Gracefully

Food and Chemical Sensitivity

It can be very frustrating when random symptoms occur because of exposure to odors, sprays, medications, and foods. Regain your life back with a search for the underlying cause.

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Food and Chemical Sensitivity


Nutrients nourish our bodies, but they also can communicate with our genes. Assess your genes through DNA testing to create better wellness through the knowledge of how nutrients personally affect your health.

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A healthy diet can help prevent illness and disease. Some diseases are even reversible with the right healthy eating plan. Dr. Glover can organize a unique eating plan fitted to compliment your needs.

Lab testing

Start the journey to find the underlying reasons for health dysfunctions.

Personalized Plan

Enhance your body wisdom with a personalized plan to restore your health.


Change is tough. We will be there every step of the way and see you through to success.

Discover your journey to your best health

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